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  1. Legal news
    24 January 2018
    Revision to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China

    Due to rapid development, the existing PRC Anti-Unfair Competition Law was not fully capable of responding to various acts of unfair competition.

  2. Legal news
    23 January 2019
    Slovakia: What are the key legal changes for employers in 2019? What should companies be prepared for regarding employment law?

    Employment law has introduced some interesting changes for employers improving employees’ status towards employers in their employment relationships.

  3. Legal news
    09 July 2019
    Supreme Court takes pro-employer stance on preventing employee competition

    Last week's decision of the Supreme Court in Tillman v Egon Zehnder Limited is of particular interest to employers in the media, entertainment and sports sectors; for whom post-termination restrictions are often the ...

  4. Legal news
    28 June 2019
    The Employer's Right to Direct and Supervise its Employees during Sick Leave

    A topical issue has recently been the employer's right to direct and supervise its employees during their sick leave. What is the extent of such right?

  5. Legal news
    01 July 2019
    The end of social security tax exempt equity plans?

    On 20 May 2019, the Belgian Supreme Court confirmed a Brussels Labor Court of Appeal judgment in which the court held that compensation granted and paid by a third party to employees was compensation borne by the ...

  6. Legal news
    27 April 2017
    Significant amendments in the field of Finnish employment law

    Notifications related to dismissals on financial and production-related grounds will be removed