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  1. Legal news
    16 August 2018
    US American SEC rejects first Bitcoin ETF. Then another.

    US-American regulator SEC said, in a 92-page statement, it was not convinced by CBOE’s arguments to list the trust let alone that Bitcoin markets are inherently protected from manipulation. SEC also questions the ...

  2. Legal news
    26 March 2020
    COVID-19: Where to next for airlines and their investors?

    With fleets around the world grounded, many airlines are facing the unprecedented prospect of either bankruptcy or nationalisation. Our Aviation team takes a look at the long term impact coronavirus will have on the ...

  3. Legal news
    24 February 2020
    Blockchain in the Life Sciences & Healthcare Sectors

    Blockchain is perhaps best known as the technology on which Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies are built. Adoption of blockchain technology – especially in the financial services sector – has been rapid but in ...