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  1. Legal news
    28 January 2019
    The employers right to manage work in Sweden, Finland and Denmark

    Our Nordic employment team takes a look at the employer's right to manage work in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Issues such as assigning/changing work tasks, place of work, supervision, working hours and more are ...

  2. Legal news
    30 September 2019
    Harassment and the hospitality sector

    Since news broke of the Weinstein scandal in 2017, the #metoo movement has exploded on social media and has become something larger than just an internet movement. The spotlight has placed the often taboo subject of ...

  3. Legal news
    29 July 2019
    International Assignments - Expanding Horizons and Avoiding Roadblocks

    To minimise the risks and uncertainties which inevitably arise with international assignments, employers should consider the following points before implementing a proposed assignment.

  4. Legal news
    08 November 2019
    Never again another Bill and Melinda Gates?

    The McDonald's CEO case raises a fundamental question between company policies and our right to love whom we choose. A company code that strictly forbids consensual relationships in the workplace seems to undermine a ...

  5. Legal news
    14 October 2019
    The EU Parliament has adopted the Whistleblowing Directive proposal and is awaiting a final decision from the EU Council of Ministers

    In April 2019, the European Parliament adopted a new Whistleblower Directive. The Directive will – when finally approved - require employers to implement whistleblower schemes.

  6. Legal news
    05 December 2019
    The High Court of Western Denmark: The employer was liable for the employee's tax expense for an otherwise tax-free travel allowance

    An employee received a tax claim for an otherwise tax-free travel allowance due to the reason that the employer, according to SKAT, had failed to fulfill its control obligations.

  7. Legal news
    29 April 2019
    Big Brother is (probably) watching: top tips and pitfalls for staff monitoring

    The concept of employee monitoring is nothing new. But what is new is the extent to which electronic methods of monitoring and surveillance are being used in the workplace, and this raises new complications and matters ...

  8. Legal news
    02 September 2019
    New EU judgement: Employees who show support to discriminated job applicants is also protected against discrimination pursuant to the rules on victimising

    The European Court of Justice has stated that employees who have knowledge about colleagues or job applicants being discriminated and in this connection support these colleagues or job applicants are protected against ...

  9. Legal news
    03 December 2019
    The EU Council of Ministers has adopted the directive on whistle-blower protection

    On 7 October 2019, the EU Council of Ministers adopted the new whistle-blower protection directive which requires companies and administrations alike to introduce whistle-blower protection schemes that include every ...

  10. Legal news
    22 August 2019
    Summary dismissal of an employee, who threw a computer mouse and made an audio recording from a meeting with his employer without the employer's knowledge, was unjustified

    According to the Supreme Court, the summary dismissal was unjustified because the throwing of the computer mouse could not be considered as a sufficient serious breach of the employment to substantiate a summary ...