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  1. Legal news
    11 June 2020
    Unfair pricing of cancer drugs - Italian Supreme Administrative Court confirms the abuse of dominant position by the Aspen Group

    The Italian Supreme Administrative Court (“Consiglio di Stato”) rejected the multinational Aspen Group’s (“Aspen”) appeal and confirmed the abuse of a dominant position by practicing unfair pricing in relation to a ...

  2. Legal news
    04 December 2020
    New Provision of the Italian Revenue Agency: news regarding the transfer pricing documentation

    On 23 November 2020, the Italian Revenue Agency published the new Administrative Provision n. 360494 (the “Provision”), endorsed in the Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 14 May 2018 (the “Decree”) which ...

  3. Legal news
    10 July 2019
    Italy: "Growth Decree 2019" – Tax impacts for Italian entities

    Our tax alert will provide an outline of the main tax provisions having an impact for the Italian entities.

  4. Legal news
    30 September 2019
    New rules on short term leases in Italy

    The Italian Parliament has converted Law Decree n. 34 (the 'Growth Decree') into Law n. 58 with amendments, with effect from 30th June 2019. This introduced a range of provisions for short term rental properties. The ...

  5. Legal news
    22 January 2019
    Italian supervisory instructions for banks

    Bank of Italy implemented EBA Guidelines on major incident reporting and EBA Guidelines on the security measures for operational and security risks of payment services

  6. Legal news
    29 May 2019
    Influencer Marketing: the "Digital Chart" is now part of the Italian Code of Marketing Communication Self-Regulation

    From 29 April 2019 the so-called "Digital Chart" is finally part of the Italian Code of Marketing Communication Self-Regulation thus becoming binding - and no longer a mere guideline - towards subjects and entities that ...

  7. Legal news
    30 October 2018
    Practical Law Digital Business Global Guide with new chapters covering Italy and the Czech Republic.

    The Practical law Digital Business Global Guide recently introduced new chapters written by our Tech & Comms experts in Italy and Czech Republic.