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  1. Legal news
    31 January 2019
    Check-in - January 2019

    Helping you stay up to date with the latest news, trends and hot topics in the international Hotels & Leisure market.

  2. Legal news
    26 May 2020
    Cross-border: COVID-19 and the Hospitality Sector - The big questions facing UK hoteliers and lessons we can learn from China

    In 1976, China was hit by a devastating earthquake in the north-easterly region of Tangshan and lost its leader of thirty years, Mao Zedong. 1976 was the last time the Chinese economy recorded a contraction and, for the ...

  3. Legal news
    30 January 2019
    New technologies in the hotel sector

    The days of rummaging around in your bag for your plastic hotel room key card may be over. New technologies are presenting fantastic new opportunities in the hotel sector, but it is important that they are used ...

  4. Legal news
    30 January 2019
    The potential implications of blockchain on the hotel and leisure industry

    Whilst blockchain is still in its infancy, its potential uses in the hotel and leisure industry are almost limitless. We have highlighted just a few possible areas where the technology could have a real impact.

  5. Legal news
    29 January 2019
    An interview with Simon Prideaux of VQ Limited

    The Bird & Bird Real Estate team undertakes a lot of work for VQ Limited, a London-based restaurant brand which has a number of USPs. Associate Emma Brindley-Raynes recently interviewed Simon Prideaux, Managing Director ...