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  1. Legal news
    11 June 2018
    Amendment of the Danish Act on Posted Workers

    On 24 May 2018, the parties of the Danish Parliament have adopted an amendment to the Act on posted workers relating to the requirement for notifying the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT).

  2. Legal news
    18 December 2018
    Amendment to the Danish Stock Option Act adopted

    The Danish Parliament has passed a bill amending the rules in the Danish Stock Option Act to the effect that more freedom of contract is allowed as to the terms of a stock option programme.

  3. Legal news
    30 July 2018
    Bill on changes to the Danish Stock Options Act sent in consultation

    The Danish Ministry of Employment has recently introduced and sent a bill in consultation which will change the rules in the Danish Stock Options Act, entailing greater freedom of contract in relation to the terms for a ...

  4. Legal news
    04 October 2018
    Danish ICO not subject to financial regulation

    For the first time, the Danish FSA has considered, whether an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was subject to financial regulation.

  5. Legal news
    02 February 2018
    A new Danish Holidays Act has finally been passed!

    On 25 January 2018, the Danish Parliament passed a new Danish Holidays Act which carries out the former broad political agreement.

  6. Legal news
    17 October 2018
    Bitcoin are NOT Financial Instruments

    By the End of 2013, German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) concluded an article on consumer protection that Bitcoin qualify as so called Units of Account which ultimately makes them financial ...

  7. Legal news
    06 December 2018
    Setting up a business in Germany

    Germany is a leading investment location with the biggest market in Europe. Bank accounts may be held in any foreign currency.

  8. Legal news
    30 October 2018
    Occupational re-integration management - pain or gain?

    Notes on the implementation of an occupational re-integration management process and employee dismissals triggered by illness.

  9. Legal news
    30 October 2018
    New case law on retention periods for video surveillance at the workplace

    Additional guidance relating to the retention periods of video recordings has come following a judgment of the Federal Labour Court (FLC).