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  1. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    International Taxation - UE list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions

    On March 12, the European Union's finance ministers updated the list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions known as the "black list".

  2. Legal news
    15 January 2019
    Profit Diversion Compliance Facility (“the PDCF”) - last chance for businesses to correct their tax affairs

    On 10 January 2019, HMRC announced a new voluntary disclosure facility that gives companies an opportunity to disclose and correct any tax inaccuracies relating to profits diverted out of the UK. The PDCF is being ...

  3. Legal news
    10 July 2020
    UK: HMRC announce their first "furlough fraud" arrest - only a concern for a small few?

    HMRC have made their first arrest in connection to alleged CJRS fraud. HMRC have previously acknowledged that the scheme was open to abuse and so this latest announcement was perhaps only a matter of time. Nevertheless, ...

  4. Legal news
    04 June 2020
    UK: HMRC are encouraging employees to report businesses for abuse of the Government's Job Retention Scheme – what if they did?

    HMRC announced that almost 800 people have reported their employers for fraudulently claiming money from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. It is very likely that criminal investigations and prosecutions will follow ...

  5. Legal news
    04 June 2020
    UK: New tax clawback and penalty measures on COVID-19 support payments: How can businesses protect themselves?

    The UK Government has implemented a number of unprecedented initiatives to help the economy weather the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes various tax-based measures aimed at helping businesses experiencing cash flow ...