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    09 January 2020
    Early Birds Breakfast: Employee Capital Investment Plans

    In Poland, PPK has become a hot topic for employers hiring from 50 to 250 persons. The first wave of implementation showed many big challenges in organisational, communication, financial, legal and compliance matters.

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    04 February 2020
    Automotive Connect 2020

    Challenges for the Automotive Supply Chain at the Crossroads of Disruptive Technologies, Increasing Regulation and Changing Business Models

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    04 February 2020
    Travel and Wellness: Capitalising on the opportunities in this $4.5 trillion industry

    Join our experts who'll guide you through the Wellness landscape, outlining key trends and opportunities in Wellness tourism and helping you to navigate this exciting new market whilst avoiding the pitfalls. We look ...

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    22 January 2020
    UAS Roundtable

    Bird & Bird's UAS roundtable programme provides a forum in which those working in the UAS industry can network in an informal environment, explore industry trends, exchange views on matters of common interest, and share ...