In an increasingly design-conscious world, a key differentiator between competing products is their appearance. Companies are now beginning to fully appreciate the fundamental role that design protection can play in the commercial success of their products. And it's not just the design of the product itself; the design of the packaging, advertising materials, fonts, logos, icons and GUIs can be equally as important. Mastering the patchwork of protection that is available to protect designs is more important than ever before.

We believe that maximising the value of your designs requires a coherent and co-ordinated strategy of both the initial protection of innovative designs (whether by way of registered or unregistered rights) and the subsequent enforcement of those rights. Our international team can help at every step, from design concept right through to market, providing a one-stop shop for filing, exploitation and enforcement.

Our team has acted for some of the most prominent names in the design world, many of which are household names. Our work has helped protect innovative design in a variety of areas including fashion, digital media, furniture, consumer electronics, food & beverage and household goods.

We are active in our support of the design industry, including being a sponsor of the London Design Museum, a legal affiliate of ACID (Anti Copying in Design) and keeping designers up to speed with the latest developments through our design law regular publication, DesignWrites.



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