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  1. Legal news
    29 April 2020
    Courtroom Drama – Spanish courts rule in favour of scriptwriter behind Netflix’s smash hit series Money Heist

    La Casa de Papel (known as "Money Heist" in the UK), Netflix's most watched Spanish series, recently premiered its fourth season while many of the world's countries are in lockdown, becoming an instant success.

  2. Legal news
    14 April 2021
    The use of influencers in Spanish advertising

    On the 1st of January 2021, a new Code of Conduct, developed by AUTOCONTROL and the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) and applying only to Spain, entered into force and established much-needed guidelines ...

  3. Legal news
    13 July 2021
    New Spanish offensive against online piracy

    Spain is aware of its opportunity to become one of the most important countries in the European audio-visual sector. For this reason, the Spanish Protocol for the Reinforcement of Copyright Protection was approved on 8 ...

  4. Legal news
    13 September 2019
    PSD2: Bank of Spain confirms the additional period to migrate to SCA

    On 11 September 2019, the Bank of Spain has issued a communication (only available in Spanish) regarding the upcoming entry into force of strong customer authentication ("SCA") mandate for electronic payment ...

  5. Legal news
    14 April 2020
    Gambling in a State of Alarm – New Publicity Rules in Spain

    Victor Horcajuelo and Mariano Santos report on new gambling publicity rules in force in Spain resulting from the increase in use of online gambling websites during the state of alarm caused by COVID-19.

  6. Legal news
    17 September 2021
    How can drones give rise to a work protected by copyright?

    The wide-ranging possibilities offered by drones mean that their use is rapidly becoming more widespread, including aerial photography, product deliveries, agriculture, policing and surveillance, infrastructure ...

  7. Legal news
    09 March 2021
    A new pathway for professional American Football in Europe

    Recently, a stir was caused by a press release, announcing plans to launch the European League of Football (ELF), a new professional American Football league.

  8. Legal news
    15 February 2021
    CNMC fines 3 cartels in the solid fuels trading market with €3.5 million

    The Spanish Competition authority (CNMC) has imposed a total fine of €3.5 million on six companies for their participation in up to three different cartels involving the exchange of sensitive commercial information, the ...