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  1. Legal news
    02 July 2020
    The Afghanistan Papers – Germany cannot prohibit the publication of military situation reports by invoking copyright law

    Roman Brtka reports on a recent decision by the German Federal Court of Justice ruling on the German Government's attempt to prevent press publication of classified reports on the basis of copyright infringement. Roman ...

  2. Legal news
    05 August 2020
    Copyright: subsistence in functional shapes

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that copyright may subsist in a product whose shape is necessary to obtain a technical result, provided that the shape is an original expression of the author's free and ...

  3. Legal news
    14 April 2020
    National copyright decisions round-up 2019 for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice

    In 2019, national courts in individual EU Member States and in Australia delivered a series of important rulings in the copyright field. This contribution provides a round-up of the most significant judgments issued in ...

  4. Legal news
    04 December 2020
    Circumventing technological protection measures and website blocking orders: An EU perspective

    In this article for MediaWrites, Eleonora Rosati considers an interesting recent development concerning website blocking orders in relation to websites that market and sell devices and software aimed at circumventing ...

  5. Legal news
    03 February 2020
    Copyright: infringement of musical copyright

    The High Court has held that a service enabling users, via a website or app, to access internet music radio stations around the world had infringed copyright by communicating copyright works to the public.

  6. Legal news
    12 June 2020
    CJEU rules that functional shapes are eligible for copyright protection, in so far as they are original works

    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has issued its judgment in Brompton Bicycle, C-833/18, ruling that copyright protection is available to functional shapes, subject to them being original works in the ...

  7. Legal news
    03 February 2020
    Copyright: terms of injunction and scope of damages inquiry

    The High Court has considered the terms of injunctive relief and the scope of the damages inquiry in the TuneIn radio aggregator copyright infringement case.

  8. Legal news
    03 February 2020
    Database rights: infringement by extraction or re-utilisation

    The High Court has held that a geospatial address dataset creator was liable for infringement of database rights.

  9. Legal news
    03 February 2020
    Copyright: e-book supply as communication to the public

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that the supply to the public by the downloading, for permanent use, of an e-book was covered by the concept of communication to the public.

  10. Legal news
    02 March 2020
    Copyright: protection of designs as copyright works

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has considered the extent to which designs could be protected as copyright works.