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  1. Legal news
    30 January 2019
    Data and cyber breaches: a new risk landscape

    Not all 2018 data protection planning was about GDPR compliance programs.

  2. Legal news
    29 November 2018
    France: Data breach - feedback and good practices

    Since the entry into force of the GDPR, the CNIL has received nearly 800 data breach notifications concerning nearly 34 million natural persons in France and abroad.

  3. Legal news
    18 September 2020
    Marriott International Facing Class Action In Addition to Potential GDPR Fine

    Marriott International announced a significant data breach two years ago following which the UK's data protection regulator, the ICO, issued a statement in July 2019 citing an intention to fine Marriott £99.2 million ...

  4. Legal news
    24 November 2020
    UK: Analysis of Information Commissioner’s £1.25 Million fine for Ticketmaster personal data breach

    On 13th November 2020, the UK Information Commissioner fined Ticketmaster £1.25 Million for a personal data breach involving skimming credit card data from its website.

  5. Legal news
    09 November 2020
    Information Commissioner fines British Airways plc £20 million in relation to its 2018 data breach

    The Information Commissioner had originally served a Notice of Intent to fine BA £183.39 million. The final fine would have been £30 million but was reduced by 20% to £24 million to take account of mitigating factors, ...

  6. Legal news
    12 September 2018
    British Airways: the need to find blame

    BA's confirmation last week that hackers had accessed customer data by breaching its website and mobile app security has brought a host of unwelcome media attention on the airline and set off a flurry of pointing ...