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  1. Legal news
    10 June 2021
    English High Court takes a firm stance on frustration and illegality defences in aviation leasing matter but considers the solvency of the defendant when deciding timing for enforcement

    The decision in Wilmington Trust v Spicejet [2021] EWHC 1117 (Comm) is important for both lessors and financially stricken lessees: it upholds “the hell and high water” provisions in leases which is important for ...

  2. Legal news
    12 November 2020
    UK: High Court decides that timing of coronavirus restrictions was not a relevant force majeure event entitling termination of aircraft lease

    A number of disputes which stem from the coronavirus pandemic are starting to reach the English courts. It is apparent that in some of these cases the pandemic has provided an excuse for one party to try and terminate ...

  3. Legal news
    31 January 2020
    English court decides aircraft diversion for passenger illness is not an "extraordinary circumstance" for the purposes of Regulation 261

    Our Aviation team look at a recent Regulation 261 case surrounding passenger illness which will have significant consequences for many airlines looking to blance passenger safety with financial performance.

  4. Legal news
    09 July 2020
    The English Court of Appeal decision in CAA v may mean that not all communications by in-house lawyers will be covered by legal advice privilege

    Earlier this year the English Court of Appeal, in an important judgment on legal advice privilege(“LAP”) clarified that a "dominant purpose" test applies when assessing if a communication or document is protected by ...

  5. Legal news
    13 June 2019
    Can foreign litigants be bound by English jurisdiction clauses contained in contracts to which they are not a party?

    Competing jurisdiction clauses and whether foreign litigants can be bound by English jurisdiction clauses contained in contracts to which they are not a party considered in the recent The English Court of Appeal ...

  6. Legal news
    04 August 2021
    Tour operator’s liability under the Package Travel Directives

    X -v- Kuoni Travel: Supreme Court, 30 July 2021 It is well known that tour operators carry responsibility for default by their service providers under the EU Package Travel Directives. The full extent of that ...

  7. Legal news
    22 November 2019
    Case notes: Landmark ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on validity of airport charges

    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has rendered a landmark decision ruling that airports must not agree with individual airport users preferential airport charges different from those approved by the ...

  8. Legal news
    07 April 2020
    UK Dispute Resolution Update - April 2020

    Welcome to the latest edition of our Dispute Resolution bulletin from Bird & Bird's UK disputes team. This edition features articles on recent legal developments together with a selection of the resources we have ...