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  1. Legal news
    15 April 2019
    Digital services taxation – French GAFA Tax

    The French GAFA tax finally seems to be materialised after the adoption at first reading by the National Assembly of the bill "creating a tax on digital services and modifying the trajectory of corporate tax reduction".

  2. Legal news
    15 March 2021
    French Supreme Court extends legal privilege to all attorney-client correspondence relating to rights of defence

    On 20 January 2021, the criminal chamber of the French Supreme Court held that in the context of a dawn raid carried out by a competition authority, all attorney-client correspondence relating to the right of defence is ...

  3. Legal news
    07 February 2020
    France launches public consultation on transposition of the EECC

    The French Government recently unveiled extracts of the draft text transposing the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) into French law. The transposition work is under the responsibility of the Ministry for ...

  4. Legal news
    14 July 2021
    New tools for the French watchdog as ECN+ Directive is now fully implemented

    On 26 May this year, a presidential ordinance (the Ordinance) perfected the transposition into French law of the ECN+ European Directive of 11 December 2018, which aims to strengthen the powers of national competition ...

  5. Legal news
    16 February 2021
    New FCA’s study on professional bodies in the run-up to ECN+ Directive transposition

    While the ECN+ Directive is about to be transposed into French law, which will result in exposing professional bodies to potentially much heavier sanctions than under the current legal framework, the French Competition ...

  6. Legal news
    20 January 2021
    The FCA publishes its roadmap for 2021

    After a year strongly marked by the unprecedented COVID-19 health and economic crisis, the French Competition Authority ("FCA") recently published its roadmap for 2021. Continuity and novelty are the two words that can ...

  7. Legal news
    03 March 2021
    The Council of State invalidates two measures of ARCEP’s National Numbering Plan

    On February 12, 2021, the Council of State (« Conseil d'Etat ») – France’s highest administrative court - ordered ARCEP to repeal restrictions on international calls and communications via automated systems. We describe ...

  8. Legal news
    29 November 2018
    CNIL'S decision on vectaury – focus on consent in the mobile app AdTech context

    Vectaury is the fourth mobile centric AdTech company to be investigated by the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) this year. The decision (which can be found here) is an enforcement notice giving the company 3 ...

  9. Legal news
    25 February 2020
    Apple’s software update branded as instance of unfair commercial practice by French regulator

    An investigation by the French regulator for matters of competition and consumer rights, the Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (DGCCRF), has found the Apple ...

  10. Legal news
    15 September 2020
    Merger control: first-ever FCA’s decision to block a transaction

    Nearly a month after issuing its new merger control guidelines, the French Competition Authority (FCA) broke new ground in merger control by issuing a blocking decision on 28 August 2020, against the joint takeover of a ...