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  1. Legal news
    22 November 2019
    Implementation of the Trade Secret Directive

    The principle focus of these articles is countries in which law has recently been implemented in order to comply with the Trade Secrets Directive, and if so, to also consider practical implementation outcomes.

  2. Legal news
    18 March 2019
    French Legal Framework for the exchange of health data by secured health messaging systems

    Before the entry into force of the GDPR on May 25th 2018, healthcare professionals and facilities and professionals in medico-social sectors empowered by law in France had to comply with the provisions stated in the ...

  3. Legal news
    06 December 2018
    Setting up a business in France

    Bird & Bird guide you on what's feasible in France, what business model will be most effective and where your brand, services and products will thrive.

  4. Legal news
    04 July 2018
    Flash Pharma - Anti-gift provisions - July 2018

    Transfer of value: new French legal framework effective as of July 1st but implementing texts are still missing.

  5. Legal news
    02 April 2020
    New nullity and revocation proceedings before the INPI (French Trademark Office) now online

    Since 1 April 2020, the INPI has exclusive jurisdiction for most of trademark nullity and revocation actions brought as a main cause of action.

  6. Legal news
    02 July 2019
    Transfer of value: amendments to the French “anti-gift” provisions by the draft Health Act

    The French so-called “anti-gift” provisions strictly frame the conditions under which companies in the health sector are allowed to provide advantages, in cash or in kind, to healthcare professionals ("HCPs”)

  7. Legal news
    29 April 2020
    The new French guidelines regarding IP box regime

    French tax authorities guidelines have been released on 22 april 2020 and bring new clarifications regarding the new french tax regime named “ip box”