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  1. Legal news
    05 November 2019
    The Online Harms White Paper: MediaWrites talks to Ben Greenstone

    Ben Greenstone of Taso Advisory talks to MediaWrites about the Online Harms White Paper: how can the Government respond to the criticisms, will it survive under a new administration, and what should tech companies be ...

  2. Legal news
    03 December 2019
    Five Burning Questions from Music Week Tech Summit 2019

    The second annual instalment of the Music Week Tech Summit saw the music and tech industry descend on London’s docklands to figure out what the current relationship between the two sectors looks like, and gaze into a ...

  3. Legal news
    06 June 2019
    Blockchain, smart contracts and esports: a match-winning formula?

    From relatively obscure origins, the advent of cryptocurrency has fuelled a blockchain (or, less catchy, “distributed ledger technology”) boom in recent years. This is evident in the incredible rise in the value of ...

  4. Legal news
    20 March 2019
    Data mining, AI and Media: A brave new world?

    As the real world continues to take surreal twists and turns, our imaginations have been captured by something seemingly not-of-this-world: artificial intelligence (AI).

  5. Legal news
    26 November 2020
    UK: Shifting goalposts - how technology has changed sports and broadcasting in 2020

    Broad technological changes have been necessitated by social distancing measures in sport this year, but what will be the long term consequences of these developments?