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  1. Legal news
    29 September 2020
    An overview and update on the protection of trade secrets in Australia

    This publication is the 10th of a series of articles written by members of our International Trade Secrets Group, highlighting points of note regarding the protection of Trade Secrets in various jurisdictions.

  2. Legal news
    10 December 2020
    The Opportunities and Challenges of Confidentiality Protection in Employment Contracts – a Cross-Border View

    In an increasingly digitised world, information is the new currency. Information, intelligence and intellectual property generated in the course of an individual's employment belong to the employer and are invaluable. ...

  3. Legal news
    21 February 2019
    Trade Secrets: protecting the future prosperity of your business

    Processes, pricing, commercial & technical know-how… there's a lot of information that makes up your business.