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  1. Legal news
    16 July 2021
    Hong Kong proposes introduction of doxxing-related criminal offences – Personal Data (Privacy) Amendment Bill 2021

    The long-awaited Personal Data (Privacy) Amendment Bill 2021 (“Bill”) is gazetted today (16 July 2021). The Bill sets forth in detail the legislative amendments proposed by the Hong Kong government which has been in the ...

  2. Legal news
    22 December 2021
    UK & EU Data Protection Bulletin: December 2021

    Welcome to this month’s EU & UK Data Protection Bulletin covering recent developments from the Autumn.

  3. Legal news
    06 October 2021
    Irish Data Protection Commission WhatsApp decision: what do you need to know?

    On 2nd September 2021, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced a decision to fine WhatsApp €225 million. The DPC concluded that WhatsApp failed to: provide required privacy information to WhatsApp users (as ...

  4. Legal news
    18 October 2021
    Changing direction? UK consults reforms to its data protection law

    In September, the UK’s Department for Digital, Media, Culture & Sport (DCMS) released a consultation document about the future of data protection law in the UK. The consultation proposes a raft of changes to the UK’s ...

  5. Legal news
    07 January 2019
    Big Data & Issues & Opportunities: General Overview

    This introductory article is the first in a series of articles looking into the legal, ethical and social issues and opportunities surrounding big data, which were brought to the forefront by the LeMO Project ...

  6. Legal news
    09 July 2019
    International Data Transfer methods under the magnifying glass in the CJEU

    On 9th July, the Court of Justice (ECJ) will consider whether the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) are effective to provide adequate protection for personal data, both as regards transfers to the US and in general ...

  7. Legal news
    13 September 2019
    UK & EU Data Protection Bulletin: Summer 2019 Highlights

    Welcome to this month's data protection newsletter where we have highlighted recent developments over the summer months. It's been a busy period for cases and new guidance!

  8. Legal news
    04 February 2019
    Big Data & Issues & Opportunities: Breach-related obligations

    In this fifth article in our series on "Big Data & Issues & Opportunities" (see our previous article here), we focus on some of the breach-related obligations in a big data context. Where relevant, illustrations from ...

  9. Legal news
    21 October 2019
    Are You Inadvertently Processing European Criminal Conviction Data? The Overlooked Impact of GC v CNIL

    The CJEU's other 'right to be forgotten' decision in GC v CNIL has not received much attention, but may in fact have a real impact on companies that may be inadvertently processing European criminal conviction data in ...