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  1. Legal news
    15 May 2018
    Making your Markle: Royal emblems and souvenirs

    There is no better way to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle though there are several legal obstacles for souvenir manufacturers and retailers to circumnavigate.

  2. Legal news
    04 November 2019
    Ministry of Health announces mandatory nutrition labels and advertisement ban for unhealthy pre-packaged sugar-sweetened beverages

    The Ministry of Health, Singapore ("MOH") has taken yet another firm step in its ‘war on diabetes’. The latest measures target pre-packaged sugar-sweetened beverages ("SSBs") such as soft drinks and juices. The measures ...

  3. Legal news
    28 May 2021
    UK: First disclosure of designs – choose carefully

    Ewan Grist considers the important questions that courts in both the EU and UK need to answer for their unregistered design regimes.

  4. Legal news
    23 May 2018
    Plain packaging in Poland

    Marta Koremba and Anna Fiłonowicz from Bird & Bird explore the eight-year-long trademark dispute over plain yogurt packaging trademark in Poland.

  5. Legal news
    17 April 2018
    Brexit: Will your .eu domain name be revoked?

    Subject to any transitional arrangement, .eu domain names will no longer be available for UK residents and entities post-Brexit. Should this be the case, over 300,000 .eu domain names will potentially be affected.

  6. Legal news
    18 April 2018
    Focus on Fashion – What to look out for in 2018

    With new trends, technology, trials and tribulations on the horizon, we take a look at what this year might bring for IP in the fashion industry.

  7. Legal news
    24 August 2020
    Examining Bad Faith Applications Under the Amended Trademark Law in China - Are the amendments living up to their expectations?

    The latest amendments to the Trademark Law in China came into effect on 1 November 2019. One of the most closely watched amendments by brand owners is the new provision under Article 4 which refuses bad faith trademark ...

  8. Legal news
    28 October 2020
    New consumer rights for self-employed persons

    Statistics estimate that over three million people in Poland are self-employed. As of 1 January 2021, self-employed persons will be granted certain rights which are currently enjoyed solely by consumers.

  9. Legal news
    13 October 2020
    Brand owners cannot use intellectual property rights to restrict cross-border sales of goods in the EU

    The Commission has recently found that Nike, Sanrio and NBC Universal's non-exclusive distribution agreements of IP protected merchandise included territorial restrictions in breach of Article 101 TFEU. The ...