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  1. Legal news
    01 October 2020
    ‘Light-touch’ changes have been made to the new The LCIA Rules 2020 in force from 1 October 2020

    The LCIA has published a new set of LCIA Arbitration Rules, which are due to take effect on 1 October 2020. In this article we provide a brief overview of some of the key changes to the current framework and explain ...

  2. Legal news
    26 May 2020
    The end of an era for investor-state disputes in Europe

    On 5 May 2020, a majority of EU Member States signed a plurilateral agreement, known as the Agreement For The Termination Of Bilateral Investment Treaties Between The Member States Of The European Union (the Treaty) to ...

  3. Legal news
    08 February 2018
    Interpretation of Arbitration Clauses in Australia

    In Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd v Rinehart [2017] FCAFC 170 the Full Federal Court held that an arbitration agreement which referred "any dispute under this deed" to arbitration included a dispute as to whether the ...

  4. Legal news
    18 October 2018
    Investment Treaty Arbitration: Mitigating risk and protecting cross-border deals

    In this Guide, we consider the legal protection offered by investment treaties, as well as the investors and investments they may cover.

  5. Legal news
    14 January 2021
    Singapore—dismissal of application to set aside ICC award for breach of natural justice and/or excess of jurisdiction (CHH v CHI)

    Arbitration analysis: The Singapore High Court (SGHC) dismissed an application under section 48 of the Arbitration Act to set aside a Singapore-seated International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) award. Although the ...

  6. Legal news
    15 January 2021
    Is an arbitrator conflicted? “Landmark judgment from the UKSC provides guidance as to when an arbitrator should make disclosures to the other side

    The UK Supreme Court has provided welcome clarification on the English law position in relation to an arbitrator’s duties of impartiality and disclosure. The UKSC unanimously dismissed Halliburton’s appeal in its highly ...

  7. Legal news
    26 June 2018
    Rare refusal by Mainland China Court to enforce HKIAC Arbitration Award

    A recent judgment from the Beijing Fourth Intermediate People's Court ("Beijing Court") refused to recognise and enforce a foreign arbitral award issued in Hong Kong on the basis that the award dealt with a difference ...