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  1. Legal news
    15 April 2020
    COVID-19: Privacy and fight against the virus, the President of the French data authority addresses the National Parliament's Law Commission

    On April 8th 2020, as part of the monitoring of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Marie-Laure Denis, President of the CNIL, was interviewed by the French Parliament.

  2. Legal news
    10 March 2020
    COVID-19 in the workplace: differing guidance from data protection authorities

    With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), employers are facing increasingly complex challenges in the day-to-day operation of their businesses. A key issue that many employers are facing is how to stop the disease ...

  3. Legal news
    21 April 2020
    COVID-19: ANSM guidance on Data Protection requirements for on-going trials

    French data protection law on health research applies to all sponsors, whatever their country of establishment, when they perform clinical trials in France.

  4. Legal news
    23 March 2020
    Managing merger control filings during COVID-19

    A brief overview of the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, the coping strategies of competition authorities, and suggestions on what can be done if you are working on a project requiring merger control approval.