Raimondo Maggiore

Co-managing partner Włochy


Raimondo has an excellent reputation as one of the leading Italian experts in financial regulation.

Raimondo is a partner at our office in Milan. He is co-head of our International Baking and Finance Group and head of the Banking and Finance Group in Italy.

Raimondo coordinates a team of 17 professionals with banking, insurance and financial markets expertise, in a range of areas including bank and financing contracts, derivatives, asset management, investment services, activities by way of establishment and in freedom of services, insurance and bank assurance, public offerings and pension programs.

His practice also covers an outstandingly high level of expertise in capital markets transactions, financial market regulation and enforcement matters, assisting primary financial operators in administrative proceedings before national courts and local regulatory bodies for alleged violation of laws and regulation.

Before joining us in 2003, Raimondo worked at the Italian Stock Exchange Authority (CONSOB) in the financial intermediaries department acquiring a considerable knowledge and a long experience in the European asset management and financial services regulation. He has represented CONSOB in the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) contact committee, under Directive 85/611/EEC, and was a member of the task force on Simplified Prospectus under the Directive 107/2001/EC.

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