Dr. Ralph S. Panzer joined Bird & Bird in February 2009. He is a member of the International Employment Practice Group and previously worked for international law firms. Ralph advises especially national as well as international companies and groups in the areas of individual and collective employment law. Apart from employment law Ralph also advises companies with issues concerning distribution law, i.e. the drafting and termination of distribution agreements and as to compensation claims of commercial agents and authorized dealers for loss of clientele. If required, Ralph provides advice across borders and works in coordination with his colleagues at Bird & Bird in our world-wide offices. Ralph also conducts all cases arising in the context of all legal fields which he provides advice for and represents his clients before the labor courts and other courts of law.

Ralph’s clients include national and international companies and groups, amongst other in the sectors of IT, HR services, chemistry and financial services as well as in the fields of clothing, media, engineering and plant construction. Ralph provides advice e.g. for the preparation of and assistance with lay-offs, dismissals for personal reasons, on grounds of conduct, (if required also mass) redundancies, the organization of flexible working hours and remuneration schemes. Ralph also works as an "external legal department" for all matters concerning personnel. Within the collective area Ralph provides assistance to his clients with regard to the day-to-day business regarding the works council as well as for negotiations with the works council with regard to modifications as to the structure of a business, e.g. for the alignment of interests and redundancy payment schemes.

Ralph regularly gives lectures at seminars and meetings as well as at workshops for clients.

Ralph studied law in Göttingen (Germany) and Almería (Spain) and spent part of his articles at the German embassy in Caracas (Venezuela). He wrote his doctorate thesis on business law and was awarded his doctorate in 2000. He is a certified lawyer who specializes in employment law.

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