Competition litigation in Finland – what changes will the Directive bring?

10 maaliskuuta 2016


Rake Sali, Klaus K Hotelli
Bulevardi 2-4 tai oma sisäänkäynti Erottajankatu 4 C (5. taso)

The EU Competition Damages Directive is due to be implemented into national law by 27 December this year. It will harmonise a number of key elements of competition damages claims in the EU, including e.g. limitation periods, joint and several liability and the treatment of increased prices down a supply chain.

Our morning seminar will assess the impact of the Directive on competition litigation in Finland. There have been a small number of claims in the Finnish courts to date, involving cartels in a range of products, including asphalt, forest products, bleach and car parts.


8:30-9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:00 Welcome and Introduction

Key developments in competition litigation in the EU (in English)

Peter Willis, Co-Head of our Competition & EU Practice Group, will provide an overview, from the perspective of his experience of competition litigation in the UK, one of the most active jurisdictions for competition litigation, of the Directive and of the state of competition litigation in the EU. What changes will the Directive bring? How do courts and parties handle disclosure of sensitive evidence, and how can it be used? What are the risks and opportunities for Finnish companies?

How will the Directive be implemented in Finland? (in Finnish)

Eero Kärki, Katia Duncker and Mikko Rajala will comment, in the light of the government's consultation on proposals for implementing the Directive, on the confirmed approach to key issues raised in the Directive. How will competition damages practice change in Finland?

Questions and answers

10:30 Seminar concludes

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