Our high-level healthcheck helps to optimise the value of a digital business or proposition by identifying unnecessary restrictions and risks.

Who can we help?
  • All businesses with a digital presence
  • Companies that are engaged in digital transformation into new and online ways of transacting business
  • Companies that are concerned about their compliance with the digital regulatory environment
How we can assist
  • Based on work with leading clients in the sector we have designed this semi-standardised service to enable a highlevel check and optimisation of a digital business or proposition
  • Suitable for every size of business or particular projects inside them, this service enables teams to identify whether they have considered all the new challenges created by technological change and regulation
  • The healthcheck will help teams identify legal issues unnecessarily restricting or risking businesses or propositions to the market
What will you get?

You can expect high-quality, innovative and practical advice. The advice consists of three elements:

  • an interview by an experienced Bird & Bird Associate Lawyer
  • structured questions and scoring system designed to cover all the usual relevant areas of concern and an open section to draw out special areas of difficulty
  • a benchmarking report providing:
    – straightforward and actionable traffic light report on your digital compliance, including comments to highlight areas for attention; and
    – benchmarking scores against other organisations in the same and other sectors
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