International Education


The last decade has seen a rapid increase in the number of schools looking to increase their reputation and secure their long-term future with new income streams.  

Many of the projects they embark upon involve entering into commercial relationships with organisations and businesses from outside of their home jurisdiction.  This includes establishing schools overseas, twinning arrangements, joint educational programmes, joint ventures, and ed-tech ventures such as MOOCs.

How can we help?

Expanding schools into foreign markets presents real and unique challenges. Expert legal knowledge and a full understanding of the ethical, educational and commercial challenges are essential, as well as a full understanding of the regulatory environment in the host jurisdiction.

Our international Education team acts for many of the world’s leading schools and universities, helping them successfully implement their international expansion plans across the Middle East, Africa, India, China, ASEAN, North America and the Pacific Rim in particular.

We have recently worked on international expansion projects for Gordonstoun, North London Collegiate School, Sedbergh School, Sherborne School, Uppingham School and Westminster School.

We can offer you a unique blend of international experience, an innovative commercial approach and a deep understanding of the education sector. 

Thought leaders in Education 

Head of our International Education group, Dr Mark Abell, has recently contributed to a publication by Woodard - "Establishing an international school: getting it right from the start". Mark has written the chapter on "getting the legal framework right", which highlights the legal and related issues that schools need to focus on, including the regulatory environments which may offer the greatest opportunity. The full publication is free to download here

Mark is also the consulting editor of "Educational Institutions: A Legal and Regulatory Handbook for Setting up Overseas", due to be published in April 2018 by Globe Law and Business. This comprehensive handbook provides a trusted guide to the risk profiling, structural analysis and regulatory compliance issues that face all educational organisations seeking to establish themselves internationally. 

Cutting-edge work with educational technology

As a leading technology firm we recognise the growing demand and importance of technology in the education sector. Our team can advise you on a range of areas within ed-tech, including setting up an overseas campus, IP and trade marks, as well as the corporate financing of new international projects.  

By way of example, we recently worked with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation on the launch and roll-out of the Micro:bit – a fully programmable computer designed to teach digital skills to children across the UK.