Genomic technologies build upon recent advances in genetic sequencing, the computational advances powering the ‘big data’ revolution and new techniques in genetic recombination and synthetic biology.

These new technologies promise exciting advances. For example, access to fast and inexpensive DNA sequencing and genetic modification could transform healthcare, simultaneously unlocking new treatments and generating insights to support more efficient use of medical resources. Meanwhile, in agriculture and energy, genomics is set to assist development of new food and biofuel crops.

However, the potential for these technologies will only be realised if the legal and regulatory challenges are surmounted. Pioneers will need to navigate thorny privacy and consent issues in an era where the manipulation of personal data has never been more sensitive, while the use of cloud-based ‘big data’ will raise legal concerns over security and control.

We’re one of the few professional services firms in the world to focus on genomic technologies as a distinct field.

Globally we have over 60 top tier experts in data protection, life sciences and technology, media and telecoms and Bird & Bird is the only firm to hold top tier rankings across data protection, life sciences, IP and TMT in Chambers Europe 2014.

Alongside our specialists in healthcare, energy and food and beverage these experts work with clients to explore and address the challenges to developing and deploying genomic technologies.

This includes support in:

  • product development
  • intellectual property issues
  • clinical approvals and licensing
  • data management
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • structuring and funding genomic enterprises


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