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  1. Legal news
    01 May 2019
    Is Brexit "frustrating"? The English High Court clarifies the application of frustration to lease contracts

    This English High Court decision upheld a lease held to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for its London HQ and decided that Brexit would not 'frustrate' the contract.

  2. Legal news
    14 May 2020
    Brexit: Cross Border Disputes – What will change and ways to mitigate your risk

    The UK exited the EU on 31 January 2020 and has entered into a transition period that is due to end on 31 December 2020, unless extended.

  3. Legal news
    21 January 2021
    Civil litigation post-Brexit (UK/The Netherlands): Back to the 1960's

    The end of the transition period between the EU and the UK has resulted in a change in the rules relating to cross-border litigation between the UK and the Netherlands. In this article we discuss what the new rules are ...

  4. Legal news
    29 October 2018
    Brexit: Cross-border dispute resolution implications

    This briefing note advises readers on the immediate considerations for businesses involved in current or future cross-border disputes and anticipates how Brexit will impact both the UK and other jurisdictions in ...

  5. Legal news
    27 November 2018
    Brexit: UK Government sets out changes to consumer's online dispute resolution rights

    Victoria Hobbs and Theo-Rees Bidder explore the UK Government's changes to a consumer's online dispute resolution rights in light of Brexit.

  6. Legal news
    05 July 2019
    Mitigating Risk: Are your commercial contracts Brexit ready?

    In this article we consider some of the standard ‘boilerplate’ clauses usually found in any contract and how Brexit may affect their operation due to the legal changes it will give rise to.

  7. Legal news
    24 January 2020
    English law and English courts can continue to be used in international contracts after Brexit

    Parties negotiating and re-negotiating international contracts should continue to use English governing law and exclusive English jurisdiction clauses in those contracts after Brexit if suitable for their circumstances. ...

  8. Legal news
    07 April 2020
    UK Dispute Resolution Update - April 2020

    Welcome to the latest edition of our Dispute Resolution bulletin from Bird & Bird's UK disputes team. This edition features articles on recent legal developments together with a selection of the resources we have ...

  9. Legal news
    09 April 2019
    Dispute Resolution UK Update - April 2019

    The latest edition of our Dispute Resolution London bulletin featuring articles on hot dispute resolution topics and recent legal developments since the beginning of 2019.

  10. Legal news
    18 September 2020
    Brexit: What will happen to Cross Border Disputes on 1 January 2021?

    The prospect of the UK failing to agree a deal on its future relationship with the EU increasingly appears to be on the horizon. If agreement is not reached, and there is no Future Relationship Agreement, then EU law ...