We passionately believe that transformational projects require a new type of lawyer, one who can focus on delivering successful outcomes and present their ideas visually so that everyone involved can quickly understand them.

But clients often ask: 'what makes a project transformational?' Take our 12 point test, which was developed as part of our work with the University of Oxford's MSc in Major Programme Management, to find out if your project has the level of complexity and challenge that requires this new way of thinking:

High value (c.$100m+)
Transformational to either supplier or recipient(s) 
Usually 8yrs + in duration
Very complex subject matter
Complex multi-vendor supply chain
Broad Systems Integration components
Many and varied stakeholders
Reputationally damaging if a failure (for both supplier and customer)
Highly politically sensitive
Share price impacting
Application of the "national newspaper test" paramount
If a public facing programme, then there will be significant additional scrutiny and oversight as well as a number of differing agendas being played out


  • 1-5 – Your project can probably be managed successfully with a conventional legal approach
  • 5-8 – If your programme runs into difficulties, it may require your legal advisers to demonstrate 'right-to-left thinking' in order to achieve success.
  • 9-12 – Your programme will need highly experienced, right-to-left thinking lawyers at every stage.
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