As a sports person or sports business, you'll know that the high-profile nature of professional sports means that those involved in the industry are never far from the headlines.  Our international, multidisciplinary team can help you to understand your international tax obligations and develop plans to ensure that you remain in the headlines for sporting reasons and not tax reasons.

We can help you navigate through the maze of international tax rules by providing bespoke tax advice covering:

  • remuneration strategies
  • payments to agents and third parties
  • commercial deals
  • non-resident individuals performing in the UK
  • non-resident sports businesses acting in the UK
  • image rights
  • private wealth for Sports professionals
  • corporate tax for sports business
  • disputes with regulatory and revenue bodies
  • taxation of gambling syndicates.

We also work closely with you to help you understand the issues affecting your tax liabilities, providing you with a holistic service that protects your needs based on your values and priorities, enabling you to:

  • make better informed decisions by fully understanding the issues that affect you or might do so in the future
  • protect your wealth by understanding and taking control of your affairs, especially with regard to current and future tax exposures, such as income tax and corporate tax
  • build a comprehensive strategy that makes the best use of your wealth for yourself and your business
  • manage any future spending demands, by knowing that your tax affairs are being proactively managed. 

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