Whether you are a corporate business or an individual, our tax disputes team is well placed to help you navigate through the most challenging of contentious tax matters, though our deep understanding of tax, insight on tax authority governance and processes, and track record of dealing with the resolution of disputes.

Our approach

As we are dedicated full-time to the resolution of disputes with the tax authorities, we understand the full life cycle of any tax dispute both in the UK and internationally.

We regularly work with clients before a problem arises to help prevent and protect against future disputes.  We also help you identify tax refunds or cash flow advantages that arise from changes to (or alternative interpretations of) the tax treatment of your activities, which will sometimes require a dispute with the tax authority to resolve a technical point.

In the event of a dispute, we will always leverage our technical know-how, dispute resolution experience and relationships with the tax authorities, to try and achieve an out of court settlement, including through mediation.  You can rely on our forensic tax investigation capabilities to help you take control of the dispute (or potential dispute) and satisfy the tax authority that the resulting tax disclosure can be accepted without significant further challenge.
If the matter cannot be settled, we have a proven track record of achieving a successful outcome for our clients in litigation.

Finally, we are also able to help you deal with the most serious cases where the nature of the dispute may cause business critical situations and/or result in criminal sanctions.

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