Your confidential business information can take many forms – manufacturing process details, pricing information, commercial and technical know-how. They are important assets and they need protecting.

Threats to their security can come from many directions, but the greatest risks come from within your organisation – employees, contractors and business partners who have had authorized access.  We combine proactive support to assess and minimize those risks via appropriate policies, documentation and training together with rapid, effective intervention following a breach.

As one of only a handful of firms to offer a specialist Trade Secrets protection service, our team is a rare breed. Working together for you as a single, cohesive unit across the disciplines, we get to grips with your issues at a practical level, drawing on expertise in employment, cybersecurity and investigations when and where needed. 

And if push comes to shove, we have high level litigation expertise on call, so you can react with speed to protect what matters, recover your assets and manage your reputation.

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