Australian Government announces “patent box” scheme to boost medical and biotech innovation

The Australian Government has committed $206.4 million to a patent box tax incentive scheme to encourage investment in medical and biotechnology innovation.

19 May 2021

EPO clarifies application of ‘computer program’ patentability exception to claims relating to computer simulations

Chris de Mauny considers the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal decision in G 1/19 (SIMULATIONS). The Board implicitly endorsed the existing COMVIK approach for computer-implemented inventions and made clear that the same approach applies to simulations, ...

12 March 2021

Patent claims directed at solving the volume of workplace health & safety paperwork are ‘a good idea’ but unpatentable: Federal Court of Australia

Can a patentee overcome a decision that the invention claimed is not a manner of manufacture (ie. does not contain patentable subject matter) by amendment? On 29 January 2021, the decision in Repipe #2 was handed down which considers this issue.

23 February 2021

Excluded subject matter – a reminder of the importance of applying the statutory test

Katharine Stephens considers the decision in Reaux-Savonte v Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks which serves as a reminder from the English High Court not to lose sight of the statutory test when considering whether an invention is ...

10 February 2021

Key Changes to Indonesian Patent and Trademark Laws after enactment of Law No. 11 Year 2020

Indonesia patent law provides protection for two categories of patents: a regular patent and a “simple patent”.

18 November 2020