As a partner in our Milan office I help clients to address their intellectual property, information technology and commercial issues with competence and care, in a timely and commercially oriented approach.

I have always been an enthusiastic technology lawyer and I love to assist clients in this sector, which is being constantly challenged and inspired by technological innovation, new products and services. I enjoy finding the right legal solution for this changing industry.

I have been working with our clients in many technology affected areas of business, helping them with digital transformation projects, data management and cloud computing issues, sale and distribution of IT products and services, outsourcing, e-commerce, digital content distribution, industrial automation, automotive digital innovation projects and healthcare digital innovation projects.

I am particularly helpful when customers of new technological solutions need to reconsider their internal organisation to address their digital transformation, or when they need to negotiate complex technology agreements with their suppliers.

I always work to add value to my clients, trying to establish a relationship based on reciprocal trust that is structured to last years and improve the way they do business. I aim to become the trusted advisor they chose to listen to before starting new projects or when they find a difficult step they cannot overcome autonomously.

Over the years, I have also developed significant experience in many commercial law related matters, including M&A transactions, corporate restructuring, joint ventures, commercial contracts for the distribution of goods and services, logistics operations, franchising, promotion and sponsorship agreements.

I am fluent in Italian and English. I can also read French and Spanish and a little bit of Dutch.

  • Assisted an Italian analytics company in the commercial distribution of its business intelligence solutions on the Italian market, negotiating complex agreements with major Italian customers.
  • Assisted a global supply chain tracking business in implementing its legal and data protection strategy in the EU for the commercialisation of vehicle tracking solutions.
  • Worked for a workforce advocacy company to structure the contractual offering of their new social media marketing solution for professionals.
  • Assisted a gas distribution company in the implementation of its truck fleet monitoring system covering data protection, contractual and employement law related aspects.
  • Assisted a bank in the renegotiation and reorganisation of a large number of IT service agreements with a global technology company to simplify and streamline a strategic contractual relationship.
  • Assisted a hospital group in the implementation of its digital transformation process, drafting and negotiating several IT supply agreements and implementing applicable internal policies.
  • Successfully assisted a global tech giant in litigation for a copyright claim on software developed by a former employee.
  • Assisted a networking hardwear company in Italy in a litigation concerning the release of its heavily customised main Italian manufacturing premises.
  • Assisted a US electrical product manufacturer and an international technology group in pre-litigation actions against a major Italian OEM for the untimely termination of their respective supply agreements.
  • Assisted the same US electrical manufacturer in a litigation against a tier 2 supplier claiming damages for termination of the supply relationship.
  • Università degli Studi di Milano, Law, Commercial Law
  • Milan Bar Association, Italy in 1992