Peter graduated in law from Exeter University in 1979, after which he served as an Army officer with The Parachute Regiment. Following the Army, he qualified as a solicitor in 1988 and has specialised in intellectual property litigation.

Peter has a particular interest in matters relating to electronics and computers, and was awarded a BSc degree in electronics and computing from The Open University in 1998. His litigation experience is wide ranging, including patent disputes relating to semiconductor fabrication techniques and manufacturing equipment, microprocessor architectures, circuit design, optoelectronic systems, and signal processing. Much of this work has involved developing strategies in multi-jurisdictional disputes and co-ordinating such actions as they proceed through differing legal systems.

He is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, and is a Member of the CIPA’s Computer Technology Committee. Peter writes and lectures regularly on matters relating to developments in protection for electronics systems, computer technology and software.

Peter’s experience includes acting for Intel Corporation in a number of multi-jurisdictional patent disputes including a series of infringement actions against VIA Technologies Inc relating to microprocessor architectures, acting for Nokia in proceedings relating to the validity of patents concerning wireless and mobile communications systems with a particular focus on GSM based technologies and advising Applied Materials in respect to validity and infringement of patents relating to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and techniques.

Peter has also acted for Compaq Computer in a multi-jurisdictional dispute over the validity of patents relating to the design of laptop computers and advised various US electronic component manufacturers over patent issues relating to a variety of technologies including Power MOSFETs, semiconductor lasers, silicon gate fabrication techniques and LEDs.

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