Neil has particular interest and expertise in the management and conduct of cross border patent litigation and has an established reputation in the pharma and medical device fields.

Neil is a partner in the Intellectual Property group based in London. He joined the firm in 1986 and became a partner in 1996.

His practice is focused on patent, trademark, copyright, design and trade secret litigation. It also encompasses such associated matters as regulatory data exclusivity, supplementary protection certificates, labelling and advertising as well as domain name disputes, brand management and anti-counterfeiting.

His cases, before the English Courts and in the CFI include PLG v Ardon (plastic grids), ICI v Montedison (polymer composite), HCC v BP (acetic acid purification), UCC v BP (fluid bed production of polyethylene), Stephenson v Du Pont (entitlement), Hesco v Maccaferri (gabions), Chef Revival v OHIM (Chef mark), Agilent v Waters (HPLC pumps), Teva v Merck (alendronate), Teva v Merck (simvastatin), Lundbeck v Niche (citalopram), Abbott v APS (clarithromycin), Celltech v OHIM (Celltech mark), Actavis v Merck (finasteride), Actavis v Novartis (fluvastatin), Specialty Brands v OHIM (Dog Device), Teva v Merck (timolol/dorzolamide combination), Generics v Yeda/Teva (glatiramer acetate), Novartis v Teva (rivastigmine) and Synthon v Teva (glatiramer acetate).

Neil speaks regularly at IP conferences and contributes to the leading IP journals on many aspects of IP law and litigation as well as being the editor of International Intellectual Property Litigation (published by Butterworths).

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Lawyer Testimonials
  1. Neil Jenkins is a leading patent litigator specialising in pharmaceuticals cases. Sources describe him as "an excellent communicator and a very polished lawyer."

    Chambers UK 2017
  2. "Recommended as Leader for Patents and Trade Marks".

    WIPR Leaders 2017
  3. Neil Jenkins is highlighted for his expert handling of pharmaceutical patent infringement and revocation litigation. Sources say: "He is so calm and confident, you can't go wrong with him."

    Chambers UK 2017