As Special Counsel in our Tech & Comms, Commercial and Corporate and Data Protection Groups in Sydney, I have extensive experience in advising clients in telecoms, corporate and commercial law, privacy, and IT.

I enjoy working closely with clients to understand what is important to them and help them achieve it, whether in relation to contractual negotiation, dealing with a data breach, or getting the wording right for their policies and procedures.

As a result, over the years, I have developed considerable expertise in privacy and data protection – I've helped clients deal with data breaches, conducted a number of privacy audits, and offered detailed advice on privacy practices and compliance. That includes drafting key documentation associated with all aspects of privacy and data protection. Part of my privacy focus relates to telecommunications, with a particular focus on accessing stored communications, and the release of telecommunications data.

While I'm not an artist, I'm now good at drawing organisational and other charts to map the flow of information! I also get personal satisfaction out of completing work for our not-for-profit clients, including the Australian branch of Medecins Sans Frontières.

Increasingly, I'm dealing with new technological products developed by our clients, so getting the right tone and wording in the terms and conditions and other legal documents for a new business often keeps me on my toes. It's also great to get an understanding of new ventures, so alot of time is spent with clients talking through the new offerings, and either exploring different options where there may be a regulatory issue, or discussing how they would like their documents presented.

I enjoy drafting documents, so working in the corporate area is a great fit. This ranges from leading complex international acquisitions, to helping our client buy a provedore business on the South Coast of New South Wales. For the same reason, I enjoy negotiating and drafting shareholder, subscription, asset, share sale and consultancy agreements. I like the challenge of regulatory interpretation, as well as understanding contractual provisions in existing or proposed documents.

  • University of Sydney, BA/LLB, Prehistory, French, Law
  • Australian National University, Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property
  • The Law Society of New South Wales (NSW) in 1999