As an Of Counsel in our Düsseldorf practice I provide legal, strategic and political advice to national, European and international clients in the energy, telecommunications, railways and other industrial sectors.

I also benefit from my experience as an economic adviser to three Federal Chancellors and afterwards as a regulator at the national and European level.

My clients are national and international companies (investors, the manufacturing industry, providers of telecommunication services) and national and European public institutions. My special business case is the 'holistic concept'. I am not just offering legal advice but also try from the very beginning to take all technical, economic, strategic and political aspects into account, concentrate on the essentials and attach great importance to the comprehensibility of my advice. My target group are decision makers, not just experts.

The holistic concept is based on my experience as a former advisor to Federal Chancellors Kohl, Schröder and Merkel in the fields of energy, industry, telecommunications, innovation, foreign trade and financial markets. Equally, I draw upon my experience as Vice Chairman of the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railways (BNetzA), Vice President of the Council of European Regulators (CEER) and a board member of the Agency for the Cooperation of European Energy Regulators (ACER).

As most infrastructure projects are the subject of political discussions, an early dialogue with political and administrative representatives at both the top and operational level is indispensable and generally helpful. The same applies to the dialogue with the citizens concerned. I have experience in successfully supporting investors in presenting their projects credibly and thus opening doors to the government, the EU Commission and the regulatory authorities.

Having been personally involved in the German 'Energiewende' I have broad experience with the German 'Energy Transition' and many practical, legal and political issues associated with it. The areas I am focusing on are the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), the laws of accelerated construction of power transmission lines (EnLaG; NABEG), the construction and operation of offshore grids as well as a multitude of implementation regulations.

I also have special practical expertise in European energy and environmental law and its impact on German law. This is especially true for the 'Third Energy Package', in the negotiation of which I was involved as a regulator, and the 'Fourth Package' ('Clean Energy Package'), which is currently being implemented. Among the important issues in this context are the regulations on trading in electricity and gas (eg market coupling) as well as on the prevention of market abuse and market manipulation, in particular REMIT, which I personally initiated as a regulator, and the energy-related financial market regulation (MIFID II/MIFIR).

An important focus of my work is to preserve the legitimate political and legal interests of the energy-intensive Industry. This includes the increasingly important promotion of the flexibility of industrial power consumption through temporary shutdowns as well as the participation in the supply of balancing energy and redispatch. I am also intensively engaged with preserving the necessary discounts on electricity surcharges, in order to mitigate competitive disadvantages that foreign competitors do not have as well as carbon leakage risks. In doing so, I draw on many years of experience with European state aid law.

Rising new challenges: Both the German energy transition and coherence problems in the completion of the European internal market, which is already heading for an Energy Union, pose significant risks to the security of supply. I am currently dealing with the question of who might be liable for possible supply disruptions. This will be a new focus of my activities. Still a niche but another new opportunity: I am starting with the 'export' of specific German regulatory solutions adapted to the individual needs of foreign countries or sectors. As Germany has one of the most sophisticated energy regulations in the world, this could become a new market.

I am co-author of a handbook on infrastructure investments and of the 'Berlin Commentary on Energy Law'. As Chairman of the CEER Training Academy Advisory Board I am involved in the legal training of European regulators in connection with the implementation of the European Energy Union. Last but not least, I also speak at national and international conferences.

  • Continuous legal, strategic and political advice to a leading German aluminium producer in potential cases of state aid to remunerate the steady but also flexible demand side management of electricity, settin an example to other industries. Particularly successful results in the context of the EU-Commission's decision of May 2018, obliging the electro-intensive industry to reimburse a substantial part of grid fee exemptions. Regarding our client's new production site in France, successful negotiations with representatives of the government and the parliament obtaining a regulation in the French energy transition law granting its national electro-intensive industry similar advantages to those in Germany.
  • Legal and political advice to a US investor in HDVC - offshore transmission grids, planning to build and to operate (with partners) a part of the German offshore grid. Introduced the client to the top level at the ministries for economics and environment, the German federal Regulator (BNetzA) and the EU-Commission.
  • Legal advice to the same investor planning offshore transmission grids in the US: on how the German experience in the build-up of offshore grids can be useful for the US.
  • Legal and political advice to a US private equity investor regarding the possibility to invest in German battery storage projects.
  • Legal and political advice to a British financial investor planning to invest in German gas power plants.
  • Legal and political advice to a leading German copper producer on electricity regarding their production site in Bulgaria.
  • Legal, strategic and political advice to a German carmaker: Developing a 'post 2020 strategy' for a part of their future fleet to meet expected new EU-CO2 targets by introducing a new hydrogen-based fuel propulsion. Assessing legal energy and environmental aspects. Proposing a national and international strategy to carry this concept through.
  • Legal and political advice to the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) on the institutional issues of the REMIT Regulation.
  • Legal and political advice to EFET on the issue whether electric power generators with ancillary trading activities are subject of the MIFID II/MIFIR regulation.
  • Legal and political advice to a leading provider of telecommunication services in the run-up to a mo-bile radio frequencies auction.
  • Legal and political advice to two US satellite operators planning to invest in Germany.
  • Legal and political advice to a broker of energy contracts expecting a hefty fine for illegal 'cold calls' from BNetzA resulting in the client's fine substantially lowered.
  • Legal and political advice to Deutsche Bahn on the chances of a complaint to the EU commission against another member state because of a lack of reciprocity in the opening of its national market for railway electricity imports.
  • Legal studies at Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg
  • Studies of public administration at École Nationale d'Administration (ENA) in Paris
  • Legal clerkship in Konstanz and Freiburg
  • Admitted to the Düsseldorf bar in 2012