I advise Italian and international clients on out-of-court, court and arbitration proceedings on matters concerning civil, corporate and bankruptcy law. I have also gained significant experience in credit collection and claw-back actions.

Since joining the dispute resolution team in our Milan office in 2006, I have dealt with civil, corporate and bankruptcy litigation, including claw-back actions, providing assistance to Italian and foreign clients in judicial claims as well as in arbitration proceedings. I feel that assisting our clients in the litigation and pre-litigation phases is one of the most important for jobs for our firm.

As part of this multidisciplinary firm, I believe that achieving excellence in any field of legal practice is not possible without a deep knowledge of the relevant law provisions and whether legal technicalities will actually hold up in court.

I pride myself on my commitment and determination to help clients achieve their goals. In particular, I aim to solve business disputes as swiftly and effectively as possible also from a cost perspective and to provide solutions which are aligned with the client's expectations and business objectives. I assist clients in the preliminary phases of pre-litigation, in the assessment of the dispute as well as in the possible judicial phase.

Whenever an out-of-court settlement turns out to be impossible, I am headstrong and tenacious in pursuing all the legal actions that may be necessary or appropriate to safeguard the client's rights, deploying my experience to develop the best case strategies.

  • I have extensive experience in litigation and arbitration. My practice is primarily focused on legal opinions and assistance in civil, corporate and bankruptcy law. I assist leading companies, both in Italy and worldwide, across different industries, including electronics, telecommunications and mechanics and fashion.
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano in 2001
  • Admitted to the Italian (Milan) Bar Association in 2005