Stockholm office launches "Buddy" program for parents



In order to help those parents in the Bird & Bird Stockholm office who struggle with being the best parent and lawyer, a new program called “Buddy” has been introduced by Managing Partner, Katarina Åhlberg. Many share the challenge of combining work and family life, this initiative aims to make sure our team can comfortably maintain an effective work-life balance.

The “Buddy” program is also part of our work in improving ourselves in terms of the level of service we provide to our clients by ensuring they can rely on constant and active communication with the lawyer they are used to working with. Therefore, finding new ways of communication as well as providing a new type of service, clients can rest assured that they always have the highest level of service from us.

Having a “Buddy” allows the parents of young children to work closely with an often younger lawyer, who is well informed regarding on-going cases. This means work can be done in an efficient manner owing to a seamless collaboration, even though the parent might be away from the office to pick up a child from nursery or due to a sick child at home. For the parent, the big advantage is that they can stay in control and leave the office at the scheduled time, knowing that work can continue and that the client receives high quality advice.

Katarina Åhlberg emphasizes that the “Buddy” is in no way a solution of women’s problems alone, but rather a solution for both men and women who face similar problems when becoming parents of a young child.

The “Buddy” program has been very positively received by our clients and from the Bird & Bird team in Stockholm. Hopefully this kind of initiative helps in retaining our competent talents and allows them to continue to develop in their career with Bird & Bird.