Disruptive Technology Challenge 2015 – Winners announced


Bird & Bird is delighted to announce the winners of our Disruptive Technology Challenge 2015 held in Munich in November. Jointly organised by Bird & Bird teams in Munich and London, the Challenge was held in association with Ntegra Greenside, Trend Micro, TNS Infratest and VOICE (the German CIO organisation), who also provided support during the judging stages.

The Challenge saw 7 disruptive technology companies selected from applicants, who have developed products related to Smart Data, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Mobility Solutions.

The Challenge involved two full days of presentations allowing the finalist companies to discuss their business strategy and objectives while gathering feedback and guidance from a distinguished judging panel of Bird & Bird partners and senior members of management from the UK Ministry of Defence, Ballie Gifford, Aspen Re and others.

The jurors, including the participating CIOs, have voted for these three finalists as the winners of the Disruptive Technology Challenge 2015:


Building Radar GmbH


COMPANY SUMMARY Building Radar supplies verified construction sales leads, so your sales team can focus on sales rather than leads research and qualification. Stay informed about all construction sites in your neighbourhood and worldwide, track your competitors’ next moves, or evaluate new strategic partnerships in one smart leads platform. All our data solutions meet the highest quality standards in the industry and are constantly updated by an international group of technical specialists.

"…what Building Radar seem to have built is a powerful tool for searching ITT’s which would have great benefit to many suppliers both inside and outside of the construction industry."

Howard Rubin, Bird & Bird London

"Very promising approach to an efficient service platform for the early identification of construction leads. Seems to be an unprecedented solution to a function in the early phase of the value added chain in construction that so far was hardly and much less efficiently supported or commercialized. Could have the potential for disruption in this field."

Prof. Arnold Picot, LMU Munich





KONUX builds smart sensors for real-time control and predictive analytics to empower machine and infrastructure intelligence. We have developed and patented a new optical measurement principle to solve some of the most pressing issues within the sensor industry. Based on this technology we are building smart sensors to generate robust and precise real-time data. By providing complementary software to our hardware solutions we are able to release the full potential of the collected data. Concepts like predictive maintenance can be realized and help customers save time and money.


"A very strong presentation of an amazing technology with powerful and promising areas of appliance and potential for monetizing sensor data in the wide field of predictive maintenance."

Alexander Duisberg, Bird & Bird Munich

"A really exciting product and the potential to also tie back to a software package & knowledgebase could drive many opportunities too."

Colin Lennox , Baillie Gifford


Quantoz N.V.



Quantoz is a European technology company. We focus on servicing open, decentralized concepts with pragmatic solutions. For this purpose we build blockchain-based software tools and applications. In the past years we have developed comprehensive infrastructures for cryptocurrency exchange and settlement services. Through our multi-tenant SaaS cloud platform Nexus we facilitate a fast and reliable digital currency exchange service for consumers. Professional partners are serviced through our API powered settlement service providing secure instant liquidity at market prices.


"Really liked the concept as it reflected more traditional banking operation. Could be great for micropayments that could complement existing operations."

Mike Portlock, Ntegra Greenside

"Highly relevant for future innovation and disruption in financial services. Block chain technology will presumably play a central role in the long term transformation of payment and other contractual systems."

Prof. Arnold Picot, LMU Munich

The winners will be invited to the CeBIT 2016 through our partner organisation VOICE and to our Annual Tech Day in October 2016 to present their companies as a remarkable company and "Hidden Champion" with a high "Disruptive Potential". The winners will also receive mentoring on the way to internationalisation over the next 12 months through one-to-one sessions with Bird & Bird legal experts.

The judges were impressed by the overall quality of the presenting companies and the genuinely innovative and cutting edge products being developed. We would like to extend our thanks to the other finalists involved in the challenge and for the excellent level of their presentations, which included:

CrossEngage GmbH >>

iq! labs gmbh >>

Talentwunder UG >>

Viscopic GbR >>

For details of how to become involved in our Disruptive Technology Challenge 2016 please contact:

Duisberg-Dr Alexander
Alexander Duisberg
Partner, Germany

Stefan Münch
Partner, Germany