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Following on from the success of the inaugural HSJ Top Innovators list in 2013, Bird & Bird recently hosted a reception to announce HSJ Top Innovators 2014, a list which both recognises individuals who are transforming healthcare in the UK and generates debate around what really amounts to innovation.

Those who made it on to the list ranged from Tal Golesworthy who invented a pioneering and life-saving form of heart surgery and tested it on himself following a Marfan's syndrome diagnosis to Robin Holmes who leads a team at Bristol University pioneering the use of 3D printers to produce realistic brain phantoms at low cost for the quality assurance of medical imaging systems. 

Before announcing the list Alastair McLellan, editor of the prestigious Health Service Journal (HSJ), which publishes the list said:

"In many respects the day-to-day excellence of the NHS is built on constant questioning and innovation, both on the frontline and behind the scenes. It is right to recognise the people behind those great ideas. Many of them have achieved their success outside the day job and through sheer bloody mindedness. Many, too, have been supported and encouraged by their NHS colleagues. That’s hugely positive and shows how, for all the NHS can be unresponsive at times, it should be applauded for still allowing space for innovation to thrive."

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