Bird & Bird supports award-winning theatre production with pro bono work


A team from Bird & Bird, led by sports partner, Max Duthie, has been advising the award-winning theatre production, YMBBT, which this week announced the dates of its new production, to take place at a central London location.

The publicly-funded theatre company received free legal advice from the firm on various issues including ticketing, sponsorship, IP rights protection, venue hire and employment.

YMBBT (full name: You Me Bum Bum Train) has been producing ground-breaking and jaw-dropping theatre since 2004. In previous years it has won the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award and the Evening Standard Award for Outstanding Newcomer; its last production was nominated for an Olivier Award. Details of each production are kept under wraps in order to preserve its mystery.

YMBBT is part-funded by Arts Council England and each performance relies on the work of hundreds of volunteers (up to 5,000 volunteers are used over the course of a run). It has proved enormously popular: tickets for the new production – which go on sale on 7 December 2014 at 7:00pm - are predicted to sell out in minutes.

Max first established a relationship with YMBBT when he, along with other Bird & Bird lawyers, volunteered at its 2012 production.

Max said, "YMBBT is a brilliant piece of theatre, unlike anything else I have seen or heard of. Everyone should experience it. Its founders, Kate Bond and Morgan Lloyd, are amazingly inventive. It has been a pleasure to have helped them with some of their legal issues in the run up to the new show."

The Bird & Bird team was led by Max Duthie, with assistance from other partners, Rob Williams, Russell Dellar, and James Froud and a number of associates and trainees.