Bird & Bird partner Dr Mark Abell advises businesses on how to expand internationally in his new book published today


Bird & Bird's Franchising, Licensing and Multi-Channel Strategies team led by Dr Mark Abell provide an in-depth analysis of business opportunities for companies looking to expand internationally through franchising in their new book. "The Franchise Law Review”, published by Law Business Research will act as a guide for businesses who consider franchising as a model for their international strategy.

Many countries do not have franchise-specific regulation, but nevertheless strictly regulate certain aspects of the franchise relationship through the complex interplay of more general legal concepts. This inconsistent approach to the regulation of franchising presents a significant barrier to its use as a catalyst for international growth.

The book explains that there is no uniform approach to the regulation of franchising around the globe. Some countries specifically regulate particular aspects of the franchising relationship. Of these, a number try to ensure an appropriate level of pre-contractual hygiene, while others instead focus on imposing mandatory terms upon the franchise relationship. Some do both. No two countries regulate franchising in the same way.

Mark Abell, Partner, Bird & Bird, who edited the book, said: "Franchising, in its various forms, presents businesses with one way of achieving profitable and successful international growth without the need for either substantial capital investment or a broad managerial infrastructure. It is therefore likely to continue to be a popular catalyst for international commerce and make a strong and effective contribution to world trade."

He also added "Given the positive role that franchising can make in the world economy it is important that both business people and legal practitioners have an appropriate understanding of how it is regulated around the globe."

Martin Francis, Senior Manager of Global Franchising at HSBC described the book as "a welcome addition to the resources available for businesses engaged in international franchising by a renowned legal expert in the global market".