Disruptive Tech Challenge Munich – Winners Announced



Disruptive technologies challenge

Bird & Bird is delighted to announce the winners of our 2014 Disruptive Technology Challenge held in Munich in November. 

Co-hosted with SAP, the Challenge was organised jointly by Bird & Bird teams in London and Munich and Ntegra Greenside  in conjunction with Trend Micro, TNS Infratest, VOICE (the German CIO organisation), Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Voice also provided support during the judging stages.

Ntegra Greenside have been running annual IT Directors Study Tours to Silicon Valley since the mid-nineteen nineties,  taking a group of C level executives focused in IT to visit technology companies who are at the epicentre of technology, innovation and disruption. Bird & Bird has previously partnered Ntegra Greenside on a series of successful Study Tours for UK based IT leaders to European technology centres, and the Disruptive Tech Challenge is a continuation of this successful partnership.

The Challenge saw 12 disruptive technology companies selected from applicants in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, who have developed products related to Big Data, Cyber Security and the Internet of Things.

The Challenge involved two full days of presentations allowing the presenting companies to discuss their business strategy and objectives while gathering feedback and guidance from a distinguished judging panel of industry leaders.

Each company was assessed against a range of competencies which included:  

  • Innovation in product services and technological approach
  • Competitiveness of products and services
  • Clearly defined USP(s)
  • Plans for international growth
  • Marketing strategy
  • Strength of customer base
The winners of the three categories are as follows: 


BIG DATA - Joint Winners



Volker Stümpflen, CEO

Headquarters: Munich, Germany



Clueda is a provider of real-time cognitive computing solutions. The technology enables knowledge processing in a way similar to the human brain. Through understanding of meaning and duplicate detection, Clueda delivers the most relevant knowledge from ever increasing amounts of unstructured data in real-time.

The technology has already been successfully implemented in the financial sector. Our vision is to deliver B2B real-time relevant knowledge for customers worldwide.


"This was an impressive proposition; the ability to trawl text to produce reports from a multitude of sources has many uses.  Assuming the technology works as described this promises to be a very powerful tool not only for financial services but for many sectors. "

Howard Rubin, Bird & Bird London

"Certainly sounds like an impressive product in a limited market with high entry qualifications, which should mean competitive edge is maintained. Handled questions on the validity and real time nature of data-sets extremely well."

Ian Chesworth, Ntegra Greenside


BIG DATA - Joint Winners


Exasol AG

Andrew Goldthorpe, Operations Director (UK & Ireland)

Headquarters: Nuremberg, Germany



EXASOL was founded in Nuremberg, Germany with a single purpose – to engineer the world’s fastest database for analytics, with no limits on data volumes.  For more than a decade, the company has focused exclusively on delivering ultra-fast, massively scalable analytic performance. 

EXASOL's core product offering is the EXASolution in-memory relational database, complemented by a suite of analytical features collectively packaged as EXAPowerlytics. This includes the new and unique Skyline feature; an extension to SQL supporting the next generation of analytics – ‘preference analytics’. Key industries are Digital Media and Retail, both of which rely on increasing complex analysis of very large data volumes. 


"Exasol claims to be the world’s fastest in-memory database having lighting fast performance with linear scalability by combining in-memory technology, columnar compression and storage and massively parallel processing. It has been designed specifically for analytics and can be linked with Hadoop to bring in unstructured data. The company has an impressive customer list and looks a company to follow."

Mike Portlock, Ntegra Greenside

Important technological BD capability; increasing future need for this kind of offering. Convincing list of first customers on website; nice first revenues.

Arnold Picot, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


BIG DATA - „One to watch“


Analyx Group

Sascha Stürze, CEO

Headquarters: Berlin (DE); Zurich (CH); Poznan (PL)



Analyx is a group of companies dedicated to Big Data Analytics & Crowd Intelligence for improving Marketing & Sales Effectiveness of Corporates. The core Analyx business was founded in Poznan and Berlin in 2006 by 3 Ex-McKinsey consultants. Its idea was and is to use our Predictive Consumer Analytics project work for CMOs at industry leaders such as Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte etc. as a breeding ground and lab space for innovative Big Data product start-ups.


"Another impressive presentation. I liked the products and their simplicity.  In the marketing environment I could imagine these products to be extremely powerful. "

Howard Rubin, Bird & Bird London

“Excellent products that are innovative, but also in the case of CrowdWorx can drive innovation into an industry”.

Ian Chesworth, Ntegra Greenside




express Flow GmbH

Martin Vasko, CEO Headquarters

Vienna, Austria



Express Flow SecureBeam provides a smart way to connect all your cloud storages to the safest and biggest place in the web. SecureBeam encrypts your files right on your Smartphone or Desktop and splits the encrypted file to different cloud storages. This enables users to combine their free quotas of all cloud storages and significantly improve the overall security of the solution to the maximum. 


"Probably the outstanding product of the Challenge. In concept it is beautifully simple, in execution extremely clever. Massively simple for the user to use (no extra work at all for the user) but on the face of it extremely secure and it would also comply with Data Protection laws. Whilst some wonder if Cloud storage companies will try and prevent this product I would have thought they might actually welcome it as a means of overcoming security objections to their existing offering."

Howard Rubin, Bird & Bird London

Innovative and clever approach for security aware users… Really innovative… If we would not use our own Trend Micro technology (Safesync) I would use it!

Raimund Genes, Trend Micro




Kinexon GmbH

Dr. Oliver Trinchera, Managing Director Headquarters

Munich, Germany



Kinexon powers the internet of things with smart location and motion data. Our core product, Kinexon ONE, is an innovative real time location and motion sensing solution. Besides location and motion it also detects the condition and status of people, objects and workflows.

The core of the system is the Kinexon CELL - a small and lightweight sensor that tracks the 3D position and orientation of people and objects with centimeter accuracy. A cloud based smart analytics application transforms the data and provides the user with valuable and unprecedented insights.

With Kinexon ONE we enable customers to use smart location and motion data to improve processes and products in terms of quality, costs and time. Our solutions are used by renowned companies in a number of sectors such as industry, healthcare, logistics, retail, sports, robotics and unmanned aviation.


"Very impressive pitch and technology. Good range of potential markets but more work required on strategy to achieve market penetration. "

David Medwell, UK Ministry of Defence

"Very interesting IoT sensoring hardware solution with innovative use of certain otherwise not normally used properties of the GPS (as far as I can remember). Lots of different use cases. The core product should be able to act as an open platform for numerous third party domain specific solutions."

Martin von Haller, Bird & Bird Copenhagen

The judges were impressed by the overall quality of the presenting companies and the genuinely innovative and cutting edge products being developed. We would like to extend our thanks to the other finalists involved in the challenge, which included:


Analyx Berlin, Germany/Zurich, Switzerland/Poznan, Poland)


I&S Internet & Security Consulting GmbH  (Vöhringen, Germany)


Rempartec GmbH (Munich, Germany)


Sirrix AG (Saarbrücken, Germany)


Uniscon GmbH  (Munich, Germany)


Virtual Solution AG (Munich, Germany)



iq! Labs (Munich, Germany)


RuppEnergy GmbH (Munich, Germany)


As well as receiving mentoring support and legal advice from Bird & Bird the four winners will be promoted by VOICE to present at the 2015 CeBIT in Hannover, and invited to showcase their innovations at Bird & Bird's Annual UK Technology Update which will be held in London in November 2015.

Bird & Bird has been leading the legal sector on disruptive technology innovations for a number of years, particularly in relation to the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and 3D Printing.

Our business development strategy around disruptive technologies received a "Standout Commendation" for "Innovative Corporate Strategy" in the 2014 Financial Times Innovative Lawyers report.

For details of how to become involved in our 2015 Disruptive Technology Challenge please contact:

Duisberg-Dr Alexander 


Alexander Duisberg
Partner, Germany

Howard Rubin
Partner, London