Bird & Bird rated as one of the top international firms for client satisfaction


Legal Week Intelligence’s 2010 Client Satisfaction Report rates Bird & Bird as the top 3 firm internationally for client service.  The independent research surveyed over 900 companies across the UK, US, Continental Europe and Asia including 70% of the FTSE 100.  The research looks at six key areas of service to determine the results, including: quality of legal advice, service delivery/ responsiveness, quality of commercial advice, personal/ partner relationships, cost/ billing practice and use of IT/ knowledge management.

Some of the highlights for Bird & Bird include:

  • ranked third amongst all international firms;

  • exceeding client expectations and outranking peers in quality of commercial advice and use of IT/ knowledge management; and

  • increased our rankings across quality of commercial advice, alternative billing options, and personal/partner relationships.

Commenting on the report, Bird & Bird’s CEO David Kerr said: ‘’Delivering a great client experience continues to be a major focus for the firm so we are delighted with the feedback which highlights our industry expertise and commercial approach are highly valued by our clients.’’