Bird & Bird at the e-G8 summit



On the invitation of current President of the G8 Nicolas Sarkozy, Bird & Bird, represented by Gabriel Voisin from our London-based Commercial team will be attending the e-G8 Forum: The Internet: Accelerating Growth this week (24-25 May) in Paris, alongside some of the world’s most successful and influential technology leaders.

Held immediately before the G8 Summit in Deauville (26-27 May), the e-G8 Forum is designed to encourage dialogue between governments and global media/technology companies. The results will inform the discussion at the Summit which will be covering the Internet and its role in the economy and society as a formal agenda item.

Topics to be covered via workshops and presentations at the e-G8 meeting include, among others, IP and internet content; protection of privacy and the youth; Social Media; and entrepreneurship and the Net.

With attendees from across the IT, Media and Communications sectors (including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt from Google, CEO of Orange/France Telecom Stéphane Richard, and Yuri Milner, Digital Sky Technologies’s CEO), the event will be a unique relationship-building opportunity to further develop Bird & Bird’s reputation for providing clients with cutting-edge knowledge and legal expertise within the fields of media and technology.