The Ultimate Guide to the New Copyright Directive in the UK


Leading IP lawyers explain implications of new legislation for UK businesses

A team of lawyers at international law firm Bird & Bird have produced a book on the Copyright Directive and what this means to businesses in the UK. “The Copyright Directive: UK Implementation” which has just been published by Jordans, examines the implications of the Copyright Directive for the UK, together with its compliance with existing international instruments and various issues relating to the conflict of laws.

The Copyright Directive was implemented in the UK on 31 October 2003. The changes have affected the basic rights relevant to users of copyright materials, namely the rights of reproduction and electronic communication to the public, such as digital broadcasting and `on-demand’ services. For example, where formerly the copying of extracts from materials was permitted for the purposes of commercial research, as a result of this Directive, a licence will now be required.

A team of Bird & Bird lawyers grouped together to produce the book. Led by partner Lorna Brazell, other members included partner Trevor Cook, solicitor and consultant Simon Chalton and solicitor Calum Smyth.

Commenting on the book, Lorna Brazell said:

“The changes will have quite a profound impact on all users of copyright materials. It is of concern to publishers, authors, performers, record and film producers, broadcasting organisations, cable operators, online service providers, network providers, hardware, software and technological protection system suppliers as well as any research-heavy organisation.”

For a review copy of the book please contact Birgit Nicklitzsch at Jordans on 0117 918 1345 or For more information on the book please contact Lorna Brazell on 020 7415 6000. Lorna will also be chairing a conference on Copyright Law at the Café Royal on May 20th. Please contact her for more information.

For more information on Bird & Bird, please contact Larry Cattle on + 44 (0) 20 7415 6156.