The Definitive Guide to the TV, Film and Media Profession


Responding to Parker’s call for tougher industry standards

Bird & Bird partner Peter Dally has collaborated with The Media Business School, one of the foremost training and R&D centres in Europe, to produce a handbook aimed at providing an in-depth look at the film, TV and multimedia industry in Europe. Designed for the promotion of a better understanding of key issues in the audiovisual profession, “The Audiovisual Management Handbook” comes at a time when the issue of tougher training standards has been hotly debated following a recent speech made by Film Council chairman, Alan Parker.

Written in an accessible and user-friendly manner, the handbook explains the legal, financial, economic, marketing and management framework surrounding the film and TV industry. Peter Dally, Bird & Bird partner and head of the firm’s TV and Film practice, with assistance by Shani Hinton contributed all legal aspects covered in the handbook. The need for the book identifies with Parker’s call for addressing skills shortages in the industry through a more focused investment in training.

Commenting on the book, Juan Pita from The Media Business School said:

“Young professionals who want to get started in the media aspiring to become film producers, distributors or exhibitors, tend to focus much of their efforts on the creative process, underestimating or sometimes even just ignoring the surrounding economics, legal and business issues which are critical to the success of their endeavors. This book aims to raise awareness of these important issues, something that the MBS itself through its courses and consulting strives to achieve on a daily basis”.

Peter Dally added:

“The launch of the handbook marks a significant development in the realisation of the objectives of the Media Business School. There are so many issues to consider when launching a career in the media business and knowing these will put readers at a distinct advantage. The legal aspects offer some of the most interesting challenges and solutions. I’m very proud to have been part of the team that created this valuable tool”.

Set up in 1991, the Media Business School offers a number of courses for both industry professionals and those seeking to make a start in the audiovisual industry. Bird & Bird is actively involved in the activities of the School and members of Peter’s group often hold lectures on legal aspects of the profession. Peter Dally has also written and devised the legal course for the MA qualification offered by the School.

For more information on this, or for a review copy of the handbook, please contact Peter Dally on +44 (0) 20 7415 6000.

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