Bird & Bird's Mutimear Voted President of IPC



Bird & Bird Partner Jane Mutimear has been elected to the position of President of the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) – the body within ICANN with responsibility to protect the rights of IP owners within the domain name system.

Previously Executive Vice President of the IPC, Jane has been an active member of the Constituency for over two years and was nominated by AIPPI for the role. The first female President and the first to be elected from outside North America she takes over at a time when ICANN is in the process of major restructuring.

Commenting on her appointment, Jane said:

“I am obviously very pleased to be asked to take on this role. As we move ahead with the restructuring of ICANN, there is a keen desire to make the new structure work more effectively and the IPC look forward to contributing to this process”.

Vincenzo Pedrazzini, AIPPI Secretary General added:

“AIPPI have been involved with the IPC from its inception and we are very pleased that Jane has been elected President. The relationship between intellectual property and the domain name system continues to develop and this is an area which AIPPI and its members follow with great interest.”

For more information, please contact Jane Mutimear on 7415 6000 or Larry Cattle, Director of Marketing, on +44 (0) 20 7415 6156.